Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons Is Now Live, Bringing Players To Cantha For The First Time In 16 Years

Siege turtles, skiffs, fishing, jade technology, new elite specs and legendaries, and more!

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Guild Wars 2's third expansion, End of Dragons, is now live, taking players to the far-off reaches of Cantha, an Asian-inspired world first visited in the Guild Wars: Factions expansion in 2006. Isolated from the rest of Tyria for 200 years, players will now see how their efforts against the Elder Dragons have shaped Cantha, delving into a mysterious and technology-rich land that has recently opened its borders.

End of Dragons features four new maps, including the central hub location New Kaineng City, a sprawling metropolis where the full impact of Cantha's jade technology is evident. To help you navigate this new terrain, there's a new mount, the two-player siege turtle, and skiffs that can ply the waterways with a group of up to five. While out on the seas and rivers, you can relax with a new fishing activity, as you try to hook the catch of the day in bodies of water throughout Cantha and the rest of Tyria.

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It wouldn't be a Guild Wars 2 expansion without new elite specializations for each of the game's nine professions, and a new equipment type, jade bots, will further enhance your movement and combat capabilities. You can try them out in the game's new strike missions, which can be experienced via the story and in group mode, where they come in regular and hard difficulties. End of Dragons also comes with a new upgradeable settlement, Arborstone, that players can build up during the course of their adventures, and a new guild hall.

Finally, there is a new set of legendary weapons based on the prismatic dragon Aurene. Only the first iteration of these weapons are currently in the game, with future versions of them being planned for later releases. The full patch notes for the expansion can be found here.

You can purchase the Standard Edition of End of Dragons for $29.99, the Deluxe Edition for $54.99, and the Ultimate Edition for $79.99. If you thirst for even more, you can pick up an End of Dragons collector’s cup with the purchase of a large beverage at participating Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s U.S. locations between March 2-29. Just don't pee in the river when you're done -- we're trying to catch fish there.

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