ArenaNet isn’t just adding content to Guild Wars 2. It’s also got a slew of balance changes on the horizon, taking aim at player-versus-player conflict in both structured PvP and WvW (World vs. World).

Designer Irenio Calmon Huang laid out the changes on the forums, linking to a pair of posts by Cal Cohen that explained the “process and general thoughts” for both PvP and WvW changes. Notably, high-end damage-dealing skills are being buffed, while skills with more versatile effects, in addition to doing damage, will have a lower damage coefficient. The dev team also wants to make smaller changes on a quicker schedule, in the vicinity of four to six weeks.

If reading through bunches of patch notes detailing comprehensive changes to a hundred-odd skills is your thing, check out the threads for the upcoming PvP and WvW changes. Me, I’ll just keep crying foul when I can’t damage someone and they one-shot me.

UPDATE: Just minutes after this article went live, GW2 Lead Content Designer Andrew Gray posted a message on the forums talking about how 2019 was “studio’s most challenging” year and going into some detail regarding the company’s plans for the coming year.

While he didn’t want to go into too many details regarding specifics of the next few story chapters, he said that the next map will be “meta-focused with a push-and-pull feel similar to WvW in a PvE setting.” After episode four, he also hinted at the return of some Living World Season One-style mechanics, albeit with content that’s playable in the longer term.

As for other play modes, new fractals are still in the works — “Reports of their death have been greatly exaggerated.” He described raids as a “trickier beast,” and hopes that strike missions, which will have easier grouping and receive greater rewards, will help players “ramp up” to the greater difficulty of raids.

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