Path of Fire launched in Guild Wars 2 last month, and despite players thinking they knew what to expect, it turns out there was at least one surprise left. Since the launch, some players have acquired a previously unannounced griffon mount.

According to an interview ithe, the mount is a reward for completing a type of scavenger hunt. The developers wanted a way to reward players for exploring the world around them. As players explored they found a variety of clues that led them to the griffon. For those of you who may not have found the mount yet MMORPG posted a short video of it. It’s both adorable an bad-ass at the same time.

If you’d like to read the full interview with the developers regarding the thought process behind this mount, you can check it out at

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  1. Yeah the new mount you need to complete the story of POF first then activate it at the end of Domain of Vabbi (last map of the new expansion) then you gotta go and collect the achievments and purchase things from heart venders which in total will cost you 250g. good luck fam.

  2. It wasent secret! its was 5 maps 1 mount for each map! thay talkt about Griffin long bifore reless!. and 6 more mounts is coming A spider mount and a tiger and wyver. and rhino coming with living world.


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