One of ArenaNet’s New Year’s resolutions involves you… if you’re a Guild Wars 2 player that is. The company announced a new initiative in which they plan to host bi-weekly forum chats where players can ask questions of the developers. As they put it, it’s their “take on the concept of a developer AMA.”

The Guild Wars 2 ArenaNet Forum Chats (or GW2 AFC series) will launch in February. Every other week, the company will choose a single developer or a team of devs to hop onto the forums for a few hours and answer questions in real time. Players will be allowed to create threads to ask a question, give feedback, or just generally express their feelings about things.

To get things rolling, the ArenaNet team wants to know who players would like to hear from. So, they’re asking the community to make suggestions. You can do that on the Guild Wars 2 forum.

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  1. “ARENANET WANTS TO HAVE BI-WEEKLY CHATS WITH GUILD WARS 2 PLAYERS”, but not really. I’m not going to comment on the apparent overzealous moderation of their official forums as I haven’t experienced it personally, but I have seen first hand the removal of disparaging topics raised by concerned players disenfranchised by the direction of aspects of the game. If you’ve been paying attention then it seems clear this isn’t a positive change of heart for the developers, where community interaction has been woefully inadequate due to stubborn adherence to outdated policy, but rather a PR stunt to show how much they care or pay attention. This announcement wasn’t needed, if they were being honest in their intentions they would have initiated interaction without fanfare. GW2 isn’t dead, but it’s direction is woefully inadequate to supporting a healthy game.

  2. GW2 died.

    Dungeons (5 man) have been bugged for 3 years and people do not do them because the rewards are bad. It takes too much time to find competent players. People are unskilled and usually poorly geared.

    Fractal Dungeons(5 man)- People are unskilled and no do not take group support skills.traits. It takes a long time finding competent people. It is better than dungeons because Agony resist acts like a baddie filter. those with gold easily bypass this. but at least they are sort of geared.

    Raiding (10 man)- Nearly impossible to find 9 other competent people that are geared for group play and have a decent level of skill. After 2 + hours searching the lfg you have people that leave after 1 attempt. It s not worth the effort.

    Open World PVE- A++ you join a map with hundreds of other players and work cooperatively to kill a large massive BAM. No need to worry about mechanics or gear. Its kinda cheating beucase its hunderd of players just pressing 1 on a large monster that becomes overwhelmed. its fun because of the world chat and because you usually win. either that or the entire map fails cough cough chak gerent.

    Zone PVP– you join a group and just zerg around the map capping points and capturing facilities. no real skill required unless you choose to roam and get solo kills.

    Standardized PVP- its a small skirmish, with point capping. its pretty bland. same mechanic in every pvp map, just different terrain. I only do it fro the daily quest and sometiems I dont bother.

    I could explain more, but its not worth any more of my time, RIP GW2. see you in expansion 3 if you get that far.

    • After “GW2 died” I immediately stopped reading, look her my friend, I don’t do dungeon, I don’t do fractals and I don’t do raid, I also rarely do WvW & Pvp, so guess what? I am having a blast and barely find the time to do all I want to do in game. That is the beauty of GW2. Got it? I surely hope so, if not, then yes, this game is not fir you.

    • Your “bad experience” with the game don’t mean he is dying, actually Guild Wars 2 is one of the most well populated MMORPGs, and have a growing active community, i aways do raids and dungeons with my guild mates without any problem at all, you may don’t like the game anymore, what is perfect understandable, but there is nothing like dying going on Guild Wars 2.


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