Armored Warfare Challenger 2

The battles in Armored Warfare will get larger and more manageable when Update 0.11 goes live on Nov. 17. Tier 9 tanks will be all the new hotness, providing another level of tank progression for players, and they’ll be available through a new and different system.

Once a player has enough experience in a tier 8 tank, he can purchase a tier 9 unlock advancement that allows him to select any tier 9 tank from the same dealer. That tank must still be purchased as usual, but this means that, for instance, you can play a tier 8 AFV and then use its experience to research a tier 9 MBT or light tank.

There’s also a bunch of match customization coming in Update 0.11. The new Custom Match selector lets players choose their map, match type, and match duration, while also letting them choose between public and private matches, to set up a match with friends if so desired.

There are also a few miscellaneous changes to firing and spotting, UI tweaks, as well as the usual bug fixes and tweaks to vehicle stats. You can read the full patch notes on the Armored Warfare site.



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