Like listening to developers talk about really granular details about their game? Then you’re in luck, because Armored Warfare has released not one, not two, but three such videos today!

Project Director Richard Taylor answers the community’s questions about Armored Warfare, covering exciting topics such as testing areas, improved sound and vehicle models, visible damage, and some of the crazy ideas they had while developing the game, such as having tanks be airdropped into the battlefield.

Taylor misses the mark a little with his response to the question, “Game communities can be toxic at times. How do you deal with this?” He does technically answer how he, and the dev team deals with it as it applies to them, but one has to think the question was meant to ask what measures are in place to enforce conduct rules between players — reporting, banning, etc. I’ve reached out to Obsidian Entertainment to try and get some clarity on that issue.

In the meantime, enjoy the videos!



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