Bigger is better for Armored Warfare, which just went live with an update today that sees an increase in the highest-tier vehicles available, along with a few other notable changes and improvements to how you play and how you get those big hitters.

There are eight new vehicles available, ranging from the crafty CRAB to the beefy M1A2 Abrams, and everything in between. Instead of the usual progression, you’ll be able to select any one of the tier 9’s after progressing a certain distance on any tier 8, except SPGs. In other words, you could play light tanks all the way up to tier 8 and then unlock a tier 9 main battle tank. Yes, you’ll still have to pay credits to unlock it.

There’s also the usual host of tweaks and bug fixes, which, as we learned in our trip to Obsidian last month, are always ongoing. You can read the (very) long list of changes here.


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