After Old Questionable Tweets Resurface, Avenger’s Lead Designer Brian Waggoner No Longer Spokesperson For Crystal Dynamics

The decision is in response to old tweets of Waggoner’s that have been resurfaced.

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Crystal Dynamics

Another person has become an example of why it’s a bad idea to tweet everything that pops into your head. Recently Avenger’s Lead Designer Brian Waggoner had his position as spokesperson for Crystal Dynamics revoked. The reason? A series of offensive tweets he’d posted prior to taking on the position were brought back up. Waggoner publicly apologized for the tweets in question, but as is often the case with these things, that wasn’t enough to prevent additional fallout at the company he works for.

Following the tweets resurfacing, Crystal Dynamics announced that Waggoner will no longer retain his position as spokesperson for the company. The company publicly condemned the tweets via Twitter, saying that “it’s incredibly disappointing to see language & views from employees that don’t align with [their] studio values.” They went on to apologize to the community and coworkers offended by the tweets and stated that Waggoner would “no longer be a studio spokesperson or communicating about studio projects.”

Crystal Dynamics’ tweet also included a tweet from Waggoner apologizing for the tweets and stating that “since that time, [he] has learned and grown and the content [he] posted doesn’t reflect who [he] is today."

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goobert 1 year ago
His tweets weren't offensive at all lmao it was just "I don't like female thor" "I love you dude no homo" and "Border control has nothing to do with race/racism". People really need a hobby or 5 minutes with a real racist/homophobe.

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