Battlefield 2042 Season 2: "Master Of Arms" Goes Live Next Week, Trailer Reveals New Support Specialist And Stranded Map

Looks like Battlefield 2042's still kicking.

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Battlefield 2042 Specialist

Electronic Arts and DICE have published a trailer for Battlefield 2042 Season 2: "Master of Arms" today that revealed a new support Specialist, the Stranded map in the Panama Canal, weapons and hardware, and more. The season goes live on August 30 on all available platforms.

Master of Arms will move Battlefield players to the upcoming Stranded map in the Panama Canal next week. Battles will happen across a drained lake and surrounding the Starg Ceres, a shipwrecked tanker serving as an illegal arms trading hub. In typical Battlefield fashion, players will have firefights for control over the map and could even take their battles inside Starg Ceres, but the zone will favor close-quarters combat.

Alongside the Stranded map release is an incoming support-type specialist called Charlie Crawford, an ex-arms dealer jacked up with charisma and sporting a stationary minigun to pin down players. His Mounted Vulcan is great at giving his team an edge in battle - even usable by other Specialists - and by reviving teammates, he can refill his gadget supply and get back into the fight.

Battlefield 2042 Map

Season 2 will also see a slew of new weapons, hardware, vehicles, and gadget. The AM40 is a powerful carbine capable of swapping between an assault rifle and a submachine gun; Avancys performs as a tech light machine gun ideal for intel-gatherers out on the field due to its mobility. These new guns with the Concussion Grenade, a throwable gadget that disorients enemy players, will shake things up.

Additionally, No-Pats can now move across the field in the EBLC-RAM, a four-seater vehicle with high maneuverability. And a new lightweight buggy called Polaris RZR will help teams zip throughout the battlefield to turn the tides. Season 2 will include Assignments: new ways to unlock weapons in All-Out Warfare that were only available in Battlefield Portal, kicking off with the M60E4 and M16A3 with more coming in later updates.

There's plenty to unpack with this upcoming season, so be sure to check out the Battlefield 2042 website to learn what's going live next week.

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