Lots of free-to-play games let you earn premium currency through gameplay, but very few will admit that they’re handing out too much of the stuff and need to pull in the reins a bit. That’s what BetaDwarf has admitted, highlighting changes it’s making to the Minion Masters economy in a pair of recent blog posts.

In the first, BetaDwarf said that it’s often heard the sentiment “Why spend money on the game’s premium resource if it’s so readily available just by playing the game?” As a result, daily free spin rewards will no longer include Rubies but will instead offer free items in the shop. In addition, Rubies gained by leveling up will be replaced with other rewards, and the price and rewards from the battle pass will also be changed.

The second blog post, from six days later, begins with “Hey everyone, we want to start off by thanking you for engaging in this discussion passionately and bringing up your concerns,” so I think we all know how the original news went down with the community. BetaDwarf acknowledged that it “may have gone too far with the amount of Rubies removed” before explaining some changes to the system, which it hopes will mollify players somewhat.

Then comes the brutal honesty: “Adventures and cosmetics, even the high-end skins, just don’t make the money necessary for the game to be sustainable by themselves.” Maybe that should have been offered in the first place, to avoid all that “passion.” To help the situation somewhat, limited-time offers on skins will be done away with, and everything will be available all the time, with occasional discounts.

After addressing some “very valid concerns” about the battle pass rewards, BetaDwarf offered “some peace of mind” and stated that it wouldn’t be altering the economy again in the near future. But if it ever does again, it might be wise to take players’ potential reactions into account from day one.

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