BetaDwarf, the developer of Minion Masters, is on a mission to create games that combat loneliness — a problem that reportedly affects more than 50% of adults in the US, UK, and China. BetaDwarf intends to use the funding to build upon Minion Masters as well as move forward on a new project — currently titled “Project Haven”. The new game will also be the first of a new “Friendshiping genre” that makes use of the more social aspects of MMOs and MOBAs, allowing players to build friendships “via data-driven bonding.”

BetaDwarf believes that video games can be a useful tool in combating loneliness among adults, as noted by the company’s CEO, Steffen Kabbelgaard, “communicating through a headset has shown to be very effective socializing and often leads to in-person meetings.” That said, Kabbelgaard also notes that developers have to be specific about the design approach when trying to encourage this kind of behavior among players.

As noted in the press release, the upcoming “Project Haven” is in early stages, but the development team notes they are looking for people to join them on the project. No specifics were offered in the press release, but there are several job listing on the BetaDwarf site.

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  1. I wonder if they bothered to ask those 50% “loners” what they think on the matter?
    I don’t really get why a lot of people think that being alone is bad.
    Do they even know what introvert is?
    Maybe they should do their homework first before trying to “save” someone.
    Also being introvert doesn’t mean one can’t have friends.
    Plain silly.

  2. “combating loneliness among adults” facepalm*

    This wouldn’t have become a issue if every MMO out there wasn’t a WoW clone. That was somehow worse and held your hand like you were a imbecile. Then shifted into trying to make the next big microtransactions MMO.

    Lineage 2 had the prefect formula for creating friendships. It was called Cooperation. You needed other people to be successful in Lineage 2. You needed, healers, smiths, spoilers, buffers, tanks, fighters, etc. Thus creating bonds and companionship’s.

    There you go now give me 6.6m!


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