Just in case you thought you didn’t have enough to do in Star Wars: The Old Republic right now, BioWare has decided to add some more grinding for you to do. This grinding comes in the form of 100 new Galactic Command Levels.

News of the new levels was revealed in a tweet on the SWTOR account yesterday.

For players who might have been looking for new content, this probably isn’t exactly what you were thinking of. But hey… I guess something is better than nothing?

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  1. Why the hell would you inclucde this game?. i dont see the point that this game needs attention considering this is only 20% free to play the rest is buy to play i mean come on the only reason why they made this partialli free to play is to get more attention unfortunately there are only less than 200 players in the game and all of them are even interested in buying the expansion because it’s very unfair and unbalance story is good…and that’s the only thing that’s good about this game mmobomb is for free games right? (ofcourse this is a free game) but come on you call this “free”? we all have a reason why we play free games more importantly is that we download it because it’s free and fun…but come on taking out the “fun” from the free content and make it buy to play? bioware are not even considering just how unfair the game is.

    • Where do you get those lies from that less than 200 people are playing it?

      There are thousands of player playing. Although I’m not one of them.

      • so what? you barely see people and you can hardly talk in chat if you havent bought the content it’s ok to admit that this game is a real money grab.

        • I heard from someone that plays that premium players can buy things and give them as gifts to free players, like premium playable species or inventory/bank storage.

          It’s OK that you hate the game, but it’s not as bad as uou say it is and don’t make up lies about it.

  2. Your name says it all about your attitude. Remember when people told you that if you have nothing nice to say…? You should have listened to them and saved us your rant.

    • It’s called opinion.The only person that have nothing to say is you.He talks about the game and you talk about him.
      Yay more lvl more grinding more fun say no one.

    • The only thing you can do is ignore him. Yes, he’s turning this website into a depressing place where the only “respectable” thing you could post is insults, but there’s nothing to be done.

      • It’s high time the admins/owners of this website require a registration and a 24 hours wait period before your confirmation e-mail is sent so idiots will stop posting crap as many of them probably will have trouble registering since it requires intelligence they lack.

  3. Dead game, fake f2p. boring single player game with chat. gameplay feels lik turn based, characters so ugly, no feel of star wars, locked content and characters. no clue what ideots still inviest in this shit.


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