No Seasonal Companion In Star Wars The Old Republic's 7.3.1 Update, And More Info Via The Game's Forums

The update will not have a seasonal Companion.

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SWTOR 7-3-1 Update

Star Wars: The Old Republic players who are interested in what Bioware is planning for update 7.3.1 will be happy to know that information is out there. Over the past few days, the Bioware team has been updating a forum thread containing information on the MMORPG's update – probably as bits of information are deemed okay to reveal.

That means players will have to read through a few posts to get all the details, but they’re there.

In one of the earlier posts, Eric Musco informs players that a seasonal Companion will not be included in this particular update. The reason given is that they feel it will improve the Galactic Season experience. The post also states that players can still expect “a great character-driven story” in spite of this. It just won’t focus on a single companion.

The posts also offer details on seasonal rewards. Players can expect more Seasonal Reputation items, new Personnel Decorations, a new Pet, and more. The update will also introduce new objectives, make changes to Flashpoint and Uprising objectives, and offer more objectives for subscribers.

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