MMOs don’t follow the birthday celebration code like everyone else.. Usually birthday celebrations are a time for us to give things to the celebrant, but in the case of MMOs, it is a time where we get things from it. Where are our manners!?

In the case of TERA, players are getting a full months worth of celebrations starting with the Loading Memories event which lasts until May 13th and is a chance for players to have one of their fan art pieces etched forever into the game’s sea of official loading screens. Starting tomorrow May 3rd till the 6th players will also find double the loot drops in any of the game’s dungeons.

In total there are three other major upcoming events including the introduction of the Kelsaik’s dungeon Raid on May 14th, which according to a TERA blog post requires “10 or 20” party members to tackle.

Beyond this month’s celebrations there is talk of a new 20 vs. 20 battleground set to arrive in June which involves riding blimps, assaulting castles and raining down cannon balls on unsuspecting enemies. There is also talk of a new alliance system which adds summoned BAMs, an alliance specific training zone, and the ability to lead raids into enemy alliance territory in order to steal their resources. Anything that encourages open world PvP is ok in my books.

There is a lot more to read on the official TERA blog, and if you’d like to find out more regarding this month’s festivities you can check out the official TERA birthday page here.

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  1. i will give you 1 reason not to play Tera(EU) yes 1 reason only, and that reason is Gameforge. i Swear on my life may god strike me down now if i lie, gameforge is one of the worst publishers that ever existed, gameforge has driven me to a point where i uninstalled the game due to the horrible and disgusting service that they provide. there are major buggs in the game which are totally being ignored by gameforge, tickets being unanswered or players that wait 2 weeks for an answer,,. item shop purchases not being delivered where u are forced to send a ticket and pray to god that they wil be answered. Tera is a great game guys its the best game ive played so far, and if u wanna play it go to the Na version. that is the honest truth and opinion i can give u. as far as the Eu players, well we are doomed thts all^^.

  2. Funny how there’s always a discussion on which MMO is better. Totally unrelevant to what the actual subject is here: TERA’s 1 Year Anniversary.

    TERA is not a bad game, but definitely not a great game either. Bad optimization and poor usage of the U3 engine cause a large majority of players with uber rigs (I play on an i5, Geforce GTX650) to have issues playing smoothly. On top of that, the UI is terrible. Many people ran a few tests and the shit UI uses up to 20-30% of your GPU. How lame is that?
    And lastly… unfortunately content wise, the game now lacks a bit of interesting stuff to do once you finally hit 60, other than a few dungeons (Which get boring fast), some reputation quests for Factions and Battlegrounds. But you get a ‘been there, done that’ feeling just a couple of weeks into doing those.

    BUT.. TERA excels in combat. There’s no single game that has such a great true action combat system as TERA. Not Vindictus, not Dragon Nest, not RaiderZ or any other game out there using true action combat. TERA has the best so far and it works. I just hope they fix the content issue soon and I really… reaaaally hope they fix the core issues with the engine.

    For now, happy anniversary and let’s hope it turns into a great(er) game.

  3. Lol, Tera fans are the most rabid. If I weren’t already burnt out by how boring the game is, the fanboys would definitely be a turnoff

  4. Omg,im wonder why TERA has so many haters,its a nice game,u just to lvl up then u can use all functions…dat Submaze is a pure noob,if u dont like it,dont play,Ax and Submaze are the nobest in Tera,i bet,they cant even kill a monster…

  5. Well most games like these keep giving the you try to sell your account info and crap….*sigh* at least ill take notice to try this one before i complain.

  6. tiny little girl with tail is not F***IN ANIME???? archer shoots laser beams instead of ARROWS!!!!!! and cant even run while shooting, and i have i5, played tera with max settings graphics and textures is really good but other things 0

    • there is no stealth rogue class in this game, F*** MMORPG like this, and sorcerer with grendiser discfight 😀

      • Stealth classes are for people who can’t pvp in open, always want the advantage, or are simply too cowardly to pull up the big boy chair and fight in pvp and pve like everyone else, up front. I’m sure a thief who has no magical abilities can fuqing disappear right in front of you where as a master of the arcane arts, known as a magician/sorcerer, can’t? Gtfo here if you cant jump someone with 10% hp after they take down a mob because you don’t have stealth advantage.

  7. hate this anime, combat shit, characters shit…. and you can hit 3 spells from 10 minute fight.
    Neverwinter is much better , interesting. and waiting wildstar now

    • TROMM. 1) IT is not anime. Get your brain fixed. In fact the human models are more realistic than neverwinters WOW clone chartoon look.
      2) Combat is the best combat in any mmorpg. I can never go back to the pathetic tab 1 2 3 or rip off RaiderZ (where you can still lock in..) Tera = best use of all class skills. Best priest class I ever played in mmorpg.
      3)3 spells 10 min fight? SOOO NOOBBB LOLLL serious troll. In 10 min I can get 4 quests knocked out. That is TERA best point, you never grind. 10 or 15 kills max = lots of creature variety. Fast paced = you see lots of maps over your growth. Never sit still long. IF you are noob and attack a BAM higher level than you…yeah, you might be stuck in a 10 minute 5 button skill attack…as you strategically move around him…but…if you are not noob, you just wait a lil to solo, go back and get the quests done…and BTW, BAM quests only want you to kill 3 max.
      4) LOL neverwinter is a joke. All characters look same. INSTANCED pve… RIP OFF of DnD source. They just took names and themes and pasted it in horrible wow clone instnaced garbage fest…. DDO is better…. Such fail. Please stay out of Wild Star, no one wants your noob ass in there

    • I played Tera during launch and have stopped playing 6 months into game, but from what they’ve done in F2P model…its by far 200x better than the hunk of shit Neverwinter you and all the idiots seem to be giving a BJ too. Honestly, its Neverwinter that has shit graphics/style, shitty combat, and 3 skill button smash, fully instanced crap fest, so troll somewhere else PLEASE.

  8. F2P ?!?! more like P2P, you need to be veteran to be able to enter. I stood 2 hours to enter on a server to play.
    these days… F2P doesn’t mean what is supposed to mean.

    • WTF game are you playing? I think you are confusing with AION??? That was at F2P launch, they had mass ques and all 20 channels max. They created servers and now it is 1 channel max…2 on weekends… I never had a que since and you do not need to pay. I have 3 classes max level and enjoy them all and never paid a dime. YOu are an obvious troll.

    • yep you are clearly out of date
      The problems you are talking about are long gone
      No more waiting time and game is betere than ever
      keep up the good work


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