Perfect World Entertainment brings gamers one step closer to the future of war. With Blacklight Retribution’s Open Beta, competitive shooter fans can finally experience next-generation visuals, polish and gameplay in a tightly presented free-to-play package.

The Blacklight Retribution Open Beta features all-new content:

New Multiplayer Maps
Three new maps will be released throughout the Open Beta period, beginning today with Vortex. Live and die fighting in a sprawling missile silo complex with cover heavy terrain and flooded walkways that create intense firefights around every corner.

Playable Hero Characters
Get a unique look and a defined role by utilizing carefully crafted Heroes pre-built for battle.

Data Nodes
Pump up abilities and go next level with new socketing and crafting systems.

Perfect World Entertainment is also hosting numerous events to celebrate the Blacklight Retribution Open Beta launch, including leveling and video contests, as well as raffle giveaways where gamers can win a variety of cool prizes.

Play right now by visiting:


  1. This game failed. Already in the forums there is a petition going around to fix the game. Basically, the Open Beta has Gotten greedy (PWE HAHAHA), the rate of GP has been nerfed tot he point F2P players will be hurting pretty bad. For laod outs, it is $10 a load out, you start with 1 as a F2P…
    This and several other hundred GREDDY MECHANICS to punish the freebie and award the payer have been caught. I am so glad I did not install. I was a victim of this developers greed when they made PW in english in Malaysia (only version “global” at the time). I quit after it pbecame pay to win. Played several of their other titles in the new PWI revamp, including FW and Jade… ALL..the same cash shop breaking mechanics. So many better games, same if not better quality, without the greed.

    • Agreed. The Closed beta was a lot better because the developer (Zombie studios) did not have pressure from the greedy publisher (PWE).

      • If zombie studios get another publisher, this will be the best fps in YEARS.But pwe… i have nothing to say, just ignore this company, i NEVER played another game of pwe since FW CB thas was a huge fail for me.

    • The GP rate has been changed but the developers themselves said that they are working to adjust it further. Previously you could permanently unlock one of only 6 or so gun receivers with a mere 11 games. That is ridiculously easy. The rate it is at now is a bit low, but I have faith that with more *testing* (which is the whole damned point of a beta phase) the GP awards will be more balanced. As for cash shop, cash prices are actually fine. A loadout slot is 10 bucks, but loadout slots have no purpose aside from convenience, so 10 dollars each isn’t a bad price. Prices are comparable to League of Legends, but there are only around 6 guns and 4 loadout slots as opposed to over 80 champions and 8 (IIRC) rune pages. It really sickens me how many idiots will go and scream and yell over something they do not understand.


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