Blade & Soul Dragon’s Bounty Event Returns To Prepare Players For The New Raid


Blade & Soul players may be stoked for the upcoming Scarlet Conservatory Raid, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re actually ready for it. The excellent news is that NCSoft is aware this might be the case and has brought back the Tower of Memory to offer players a chance to upgrade their accessories and earn helpful rewards — such as buffs.

For those who have not participated in it before, the Dragon’s Bounty event is multi-phased, beginning with the collection of Polished Scale Fragments that can be used to buy all kinds of items in the Dragon Express. The fragments are collected by completing daily challenges, participating in Tower of Memory Daily Quests, and simply by logging in and collecting rewards.

The next phase of the event has players upgrading accessories using Polished Scales — purchasable for 30 Polished Skin Fragments each, and Dragon tokens — 50 Polished Scale fragments each. These items reduce the materials required for Breakthroughs when upgrading. This means better items, faster.

Players will also receive an Extra Confidence buff during the event that provides extra AP and damage reduction. A full list of items available for Dragon Scale Fragments can be found on the Blade & Soul site. Check it out to make sure you get them all.


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