NC Soft and Tencent are introducing a new game to the Blade & Soul IP. Billed as a prequel, the game is titled Blade & Soul: Hongmoon Rising and will share the same universe as the original game. It will also feature a similar skill system.

According to 2p, the primary reason this game is being developed is for NCSoft to introduce the Blade & Soul universe to the mobile market. However, the game will also be released on PC… and there is reportedly VR support in the works.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much else about the game as of yet.


  1. P2W and soul
    Mega lags
    cash bobs
    ebay ACCs
    loot=mega fail
    pvp= fail
    MUST DO pvp
    dailie crap
    pay to push gear

    etc etc etc

  2. It just a water down version of Blade & Soul on a mobile phone. It really a shame that blade & Soul has fallen already when it only a couple of month on the pc version for North America.
    These Games have so many hacker that the MMO Genre is complete garbage in the long run but I know people going to get defensive about that in any Media website. Graphics are a joke doesn’t need super nonsense stuff like most game on the market to please people. You people are so Dumb and blind to not see the developer ripping you off by piece by piece.
    The Gaming Community Completely lost there mind these days. Well Good luck throwing your Money in the flame pit.

  3. VR support? For this? Well that might be a bit hard to pull off but it will be interesting if they manage to do it.


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