Blade & Soul's Latest Demonsbane Dungeon, "Chimera Lab," Launches With New Accessories On December 7

Continue the story of the twins Starling and Myna.

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Blade and Soul Update 1

Titled as the "Dark Awakening" update, Blade & Soul players can expect to battle against the Ebondrake group again in an upcoming Demonsbane dungeon called the "Chimera Lab." NCSoft plans to add the Mythical dungeon on December 7, bringing new accessories, upgrade materials, portraits, and more.

Players will be investigating Ebondrake's experiments within the Chimera Lab. The dungeon's story follows directly after the Grim Nexus instance released in October alongside the Musician class. Without going too deep into spoiler territory, players will continue the story of the twins: Starling and Myna, and work with representatives of the Talus Dominion and the Stratus Empire to uncover biological experiments in an abandoned laboratory. There will be multiple quests available for Chimera Lab when it goes live.

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Additionally, as usual for 4-player Demonsbane dungeons, Chimera Lab will have 20 available stages of increasing difficulty. Starting from Stage 1, players will gain Demonsbane experience by completing the dungeon, unlocking the next Stage once they have enough, and repeating the cycle until they reach the highest level. Some levels introduce different boss mechanics through effects like Fatigue, Merciless, and others that players should be wary of.

Clearing each Stage also rewards players with new Oculus and Starcross accessories, Upsurge weapons, portraits, upgrade materials, and other items for finishing the levels for the first time. Moreover, there are Dynamic quests that players can complete three times a day for additional goodies from randomized chests.

You can read the announcement post on the Blade & Soul website for more details.

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