Blade & Soul Neo Classic's Latest Sneak Peek Offers A Look At Cinderlands

The first video focuses on The Scorching Sands.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Blade And Soul Neo Classic Desert

Once again, the Blade & Soul Neo Classic team is back with another look at the art of the MMORPG. This time, they’re offering players a look at the work that’s been done on the Cinderlands area, focusing on The Scorching Sands.

As with the previous sneak peeks of the Neo Classic art, today’s post includes a video. This shows the post-processing of the Scorching Sands and puts an emphasis on the desert atmosphere. As part of the work done on this zone, the devs attempted to make the landscape hazy so that it feels like a true desert, with the wind blowing the sand around.

As part of the rework, the team has taken a pass at improving the cliffs of the desert as well. The difference really stands out. The differences can be seen in the video or in images in the post on the Blade & Soul site.

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