There’s a lot happening with Blade & Soul right now — what with a new update arriving soon and all. In the last few days, the new class specialization has been previewed for western servers while an astrology-magic class was revealed for the Korean version of the game. At the same time, NCSoft offered a look at the new item and system changes coming in the Divine Break update, as well as a special event arriving at the same time.

Most of these things — everything except the Korean class — will arrive with the Divine Break update on June 24. At that time, players will be able to check out the third class specialization for the Force Master, the Way of Lightning. When taking on this specialization, players will need to choose between a Light or Dark Spark that will determine what skills they have. Both focus on charging Lightning Orbs that will boost attack power and add stats depending on the talents players have selected. The full rundown on the class specialization is available on the Blade & Soul site.

As for the new Korean class. We’re not entirely sure of it’s name. Even MMO Culture doesn’t have that translated. What we do know is that it’s Exclusive to the Lyn race and features two trees of skills. The first tree uses the power of the heavenly body distorting space, while the other uses the power of the skies and allows players to control wind, lightening, and clouds.

The new items and systems changes come in conjunction with the new Halcyon Hills heroic dungeon. This is a level 60, 6-player dungeon with easy and hard modes. As a result, the item changes consists of several additions, such as new legendary earrings and new psyches. There will also be adjustments made to several dungeons in regard to the rewards received. For the most part the changes are reductions in the amount of gold received but an increase in the various fragments rewarded.

Finally, the update also brings with it the Tropical Treasure Trove, offering players all kinds of new cosmetics, upgrades, and more.

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