Winter is coming. I mean, the winter release of Blade & Soul in the west is coming and while NCSoft has already released monetization details and other tidbits of information, now we get a look at something fans have been wondering about. What classes will be available in the free to play launch of Blade & Soul?

While followers may have already known (or suspected) that 6 classes would be available at launch, NCSoft has upped the game a bit and decided to bring 7 classes to our shores this winter by adding the Blade Dancer class to the launch roster.

Check out the newly launched class website for a full breakdown, but remember, some classes will be race restricted!

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    • I played the Korean version and its probably better then anything out right now. So…yeah. “Over hyped”? Maybe, but it will do until Black Desert comes out or something else.

  1. Game’s taken way, way, way too long to come out. The hype’s already gone into negative levels, and after the problems I’ve heard about (ie. the Lin Swordsman class) in the Japanese and KR versions, I don’t feel like playing for months upon months, since we’ll be horribly behind with patches, as most KR games leave us. Other games have come out, and most of them are better.

    NCSoft screws up again.

        • I dont found it boring,just the limitation system is busy and it make you slow down so your dont go further than the other because of the help it give to premium account ,but its also what make it boring for me …

    • Question how did Ncsoft screw up lets see, Aion f2p big success and very fun no screw up there, Blade & Soul following the same model and have immensely greater graphical detail and combat, so I see another success coming.

    • also to reitterate a game does not need to build major hype like skyforge had to do especially this game, as the release of a new game millions of people will flock to try it out anyways, and they have a dedicated player base just waiting there, my point is this game fars off alot better than what skyforge would have done without hype.


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