Personally, I can’t read or speak Chinese, but luckily Cinderboy at MMOCulture can. If you share in that talent, take a look at the announcement trailer above!

For those that are like me though, here’s the “meat and potatoes” version. NCSoft Taiwan has announced that the much anticipated Blade & Soul will move to Open Beta in Taiwan on November 20th. No details for the western version’s beta dates was mentioned.

In addition to that great news for Taiwanese players, Blade & Soul Taiwan will also be free-to-play. Differing from the Chinese version a bit, Blade & Soul Taiwan will also not include any VIP system. Think Trion Worlds’ “Loyalty” program (where you gain Loyalty levels and perks for subscribing and buying cash shop items on top of the perks those subscription fees already net you and you have the basic idea of the Blade & Soul VIP program worked based on our most recently translated versions.)

These are pretty substantial differences between versions and it has to make you wonder what the game may look like when it actually makes its way to a Western audience.

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  1. Actually i don’t think the community for this game on the Western Market is big by now, hell i even say it disappeared completely, they announced it ages ago and until today there is no sign of an Western Release at all so i bet almost none cares about the game anymore.

    A heck load of games is released almost monthly and all kind of take BnS and flush it down the toilet, games like Skyforge for sure do.

  2. I honestly don’t think anyone cares anymore. They took too long with the game and I doubt anyone will give two shits about this. Sure we’ll probably play the CB and OB once they come to the West, but it’ll be their fault and not ours that the game flops. They took too long, and people moved on from this. I mean, hasn’t it been like three or four years now?

  3. nobodies care. when the hell is it coming to na? it going to be pointless to bring it over if they don’t do it soon. hell it might be too late already. and skyforge is going to kill b&s anyway i think. well maybe. it is 50/50 i think.

  4. played china’s version of blade and soul and you could download a translator for a lot of it, its a solid game and cant wait for it to hit the good old USA but been sayn that for a few years now lol hmm could be an A-bomb some where in all that lol


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