The year is almost at an end, but before that happens, NCSoft is squeezing in one more update for Blade & Soul. This update introduces a new specialization for the Blade Dancer, titled Way of the Grim Blade. The specialization allows players to summon a spectral Grimreaver to help them out in combat, while being all ghost-like.

The update also introduces the House of Idols, a 6-player Heroic dungeon available in both easy and hard mode for players level 60 and up. The dungeon is more of an old mansion filled with traps and tortured souls, but you still get rewards out of it, so it’s worth doing. There’s also a new permanent PvP-free zone where players can collect Ebon Blooms to trade with Dragon Trader Asimjin.

And, with it being the holiday season and all, there’s a new winter-themed event. During the event, players collect snow globes by completing daily challenges and grab giving keys from dynamic quests. The globes can be exchanged for holiday gift boxes while the keys are used to unlock rewards. Players can elect to give gift boxes away to other players if they like, and get special rewards in return.

The new update launches December 16, but if you’d like an early peek at it, NCSoft hosted a livestream on Twitch earlier today that you can watch here.

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