The Winds of Rage are howling in Blade & Soul as the new update hit the servers earlier today, bringing a new dungeon, four new events, new daily rewards, and more.

Thornwind Cavern is a new six-player heroic dungeon for players level 60 HM 25 or higher, available in easy and hard difficulties. Players will challenge Uzume, needing a “display of strength and passion,” according to last week’s preview. And weapons. Weapons will probably be needed, too. Rewards include Evolution Material accessories that will let you craft elemental (Storm/Wild/Thunder) Spirit Bracelets, the Uzume Earring, and the Uzume Ring.

There’s another post that explains exactly how you craft those rare items, while also talking about the new Daily Perks system, i.e. daily login rewards. The good news is that you won’t miss out by skipping a day, as you’ll be able to continue your progress along the rewards list even if you don’t log in on any particular day.

New events are also blowing into the game, running until June 16. The Wings of Fortune event can net you plenty of rewards through daily challenges and quests. The Hongmoon Boot Camp lets purchase Battle Kits from the Dragon Express for 10 gold to provide you with help in PvP battles. Finally, the Martial Surge event offers bonus rewards for selected quests.

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