We’ve got news about the Bless open beta… no, not the date the beta will start, but the date that Neowiz will announce the beta will be starting! Excited yet?

As reported by MMOCulture, Neowiz is planning on a media event next Friday, Jan. 15, to announce its beta schedule for Bless, which will include news on the upcoming open beta and, presumably, a timetable for the rollout of the full launch. There’s a new cinematic trailer video to go with this pre-announcement, showing off some of the game’s stunning visuals and dynamic action and combat moves.

It’s a welcome sign that the game is this close to being ready for a mass audience, considering the issues it was having late last year, which led Neowiz to rework several major parts of the game. It was a little scary to hear that kind of talk so soon before the game was anticipated to come out, but hopefully everything’s been ironed out into a more workable state by now. I mean, an MMO wouldn’t launch with major parts of it not working properly, would it?

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