Applications are now available for the first Closed Beta phase of Bless Online in Korea. The phase will begin on February 20th and will last only three days, with servers operating from 3:00PM to 11:00PM.

Although sign ups for the beta lottery will be accepted until February 16th, there are also a few events on the website that could potentially grab you a spot. However, a Pmang Korean account is required to register, which in turn requires social information. All players must also be 19 years of age.

While the game is highly anticipated by fans in North America, no release information has been provided at this time.


  1. Looks great but I think it’s another Korean game that will require good connection. The publishers create these games knowing that the Korean market will have almost 0 lag while playing them. For NA and EU the lag is considerably higher depending on the distributor.

    As for PvE it should still be fine but PvP is a totally different story. Either way the game looks promising.

  2. The game looks awesome! But the translation is gonna take a looooooong walk(like it was with BS).And thats what i hate the most when i watch that kind of awsomenes. =(


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