Bless Online Offers More In-Depth Look At Dungeons

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PvE players interested in Bless Online will be interested to know that the game's development team has offered more information on dungeons in a new post on Steam. Prior to this post, there wasn't really a lot to go on... just a few images on the Bless site.

The post offers information on the development of Bless Online's dungeons. As with most MMOs, one of the most important, if not THE most important, reason to participate in dungeons is to pick up those special items you generally can't get anywhere else in game.

Of course, there's that whole thing about the satisfaction of working together in a team as well, which is why the Bless team designed the dungeons to challenge players based on the strengths and weaknesses of their classes -- requiring groups to thing strategically.

There will be a few kinds of dungeons available in Bless, ranging from solo dungeons to 10-man raids. Some dungeons are considered "special" in that they're where players will need to obtain rare crops and other materials.

Unfortunatley, that's all the information the Bless team is willing to roll out at the moment -- other than a few pictures of the dungeon that can be peeked at on the game's Steam page.

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