Following their appearance at TwitchCon, the Bless Online team took to Steam to give answers to some of their community’s most asked questions. Well… Sort of. The newly posted FAQ offers answers to questions on plans for language support and community involvement in the development process. More importantly, it somewhat addresses the upcoming Steam Release timeline — Early Access will kick off in 2018 — as well as the business model and monitization.

Unfortunately, these answers are all a bit vague. We now know — and probably suspected — that when Early Access is ready, several packs will be made available for purchase. As with other games, each will provide various benefits to players willing to make the purchase.

The developer hasn’t decided what things will be like once the game launches, however they do assure players that they plan to avoid pay-to-win elements. They also promise to take player feedback into account when deciding on the business model.

The FAQ also addresses benefits for official partners and other issues. The entire thing can be found on the game’s Steam page.

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  1. Steam is such a pain of a platform for game devs to be subjected too due to the pressure of having this as the only necessary evil set upon the PC.

    • That’s what they ALL say. Then they invariably use a sneakier and more underhanded way to pressure you into paying instead of selling overpowered items directly.
      I’d respect them more if they were at least honest about their sleazy business models.

  2. It is rather Interesting for any Developer to go ahead and answer some Questions long before the Release, it shows good will to me and that they really want it to work out this time. It is Still questionable tho since it failed once and is undergoing a Rebuild, talking about PArtnerships and all on the first words to the not really existing community is questionable too. Partnership and all that should be handled behind Public eyes imo.

    I will keep my eyes open for Bless regardless, the footage that i saw looked decent enough to at least follow the News around it.


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