I have no doubt that if you’re in any way interested in playing Bless Unleashed upon its launch on PC on August 6th, that you have it marked on your calendar — or perhaps have it wishlisted or at least watched on Steam. But, if you’re not one of those people, Neowiz would like a bit of your attention and has put together a little teaser trailer for the game’s impending release.

It’s not very big (less than a minute) and doesn’t offer any gameplay, just some cinematic content with about two sentences worth of narration from a character I assume is the bad guy (if the evil laugh is anything to go by). To be honest, I had to watch it a second time to give you that description because I’d already forgotten what I’d seen by the time I finished the first paragraph of this piece. But, considering the game is still a little over three week away, Neowiz may drop more teasers along the way. Either way, if you’re someone who’s excited about the game, you don’t have too long to wait now, especially if you downloaded the demo on June 22.

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  1. I jumped in and am still questionable about it.
    My mind boggles why they kept the same name. I think they needed to move on, complicating a series sometimes just doesn’t work, it kind of goes on like a old rap song does today, forever and ever, lol and those songs are still being thrown together. as rap is now super old, it shows by its compulsive repetitiveness..and this game is still repeating.


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