Hopefully, you got into the Bless Unleashed PC closed beta when Neowiz and Round 8 Studio were doing sign-ups last month. If so, then today’s the day you can finally try it out for yourself, as the closed beta has begun on Steam.

For the next five days, beta testers and jump into the world of Lumios to sample five character classes up to level 24 and take on quests and world bosses across four zones: Carzacor, Navarra, Gnoll Wastes, and Tristezza. Wait, no, that sounds like fun. The real purpose of the test is “to verify global service stability through the Steam platform.” So expect crashes and high ping throughout the testing period, which lasts until Monday, Nov. 9 at midnight UTC.

Participants in the beta test will receive the “Breaker of Games” title and seven days of Valor Perks once the game goes live. Learn more about the test on the Bless Unleashed PC site.

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