Bless Unleashed PC Update Adds Six New Time Dungeons Including One Not Even On Consoles

This is the biggest update since the PC version launched earlier this year.

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Bless Unleashed PC Content Update

Today, Neowiz and Round8 Studio dropped a big content update for the PC version of Bless Unleashed. Containing content not even seen in the console version of the game, the update adds six new Time Dungeons, a new PvP Season, a Twisted version of the Void Soulriaser field boss, three lairs, two Abyssal dungeons, and more. It also introduces changes to the match-made PvP “Warlords Arena” to make team-based play easier as well as a new 1v1 Duel System.

While the dungeons are all part of the update, it should be noted that they will not all launch at once. Instead, they will be opened on a schedule that begins today and ends on November 3 – so about a dungeon a day. The patch notes don’t indicate what order they’ll roll out in, but if you’re interested in that “never seen before anywhere” dungeon, you’ll want to look for Infernal Execution Grounds. That’s a five-player Level 40 Lair challenge. The rest of the dungeon content includes 3 more lair challenges: Harpy Queen’s Nest, Chamber of the Ancient, and Archon of Fire as well as two-level 35 – 5 player dungeons, Rutus Mines – Halls of the Dead and Savantis Mausoleum – Lich’s Respite. The new Abyssal dungeons are Dreamscale Ruins – Hall of the Eclipse and Rutus Mines – Halls of the Dead.

As noted, the update also adds a new PvP season, titled “Rising Dawn”. Available now, the new season runs through January 28 and will reward players for completing weekly Battlefield/Warlords Arena missions. For those wanting something a little more personal, a 1v1 Duel system has been added. Obviously, this does not count toward the PvP season rewards.

The other addition of note is the Twisted Void Soulraiser boss. This is a level 42 boss located in North Sperios. You can see him in action below. Of course, there are plenty of other changes and additions. All of which you can read about in the patch notes on Steam.

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