Bless Unleashed Releases Trailer For The Hard Hitting Crusader Class


A new Bless Unleashed class trailer has made its way into the wild. This time, Bandai Namco has decided to tease the Crusader. There’s not a lot of information on how this new class will function, but based on the armor, big ass sword, and giant shield, I think we can all bet it will be a tank.

Whatever his skill tree may look like, the trailer makes one thing apparent: He’s hard-hitting, able to take down average and huge enemies alike. He also appears to be fairly mobile, making him good for dodging close attacks.

Of course, this could all just be cinematic fluff. But either way, he still looks pretty cool. Learn more about Bless Unleashed here.


  1. also “Hard hitting” Big Sword” “Huge Shield” man… i expect better from you guys… buzz words to get people interested which is completely wrong? thats a shortsword and a normal ass shield

  2. Ok ok can we stop this… enough pretending as if this is a new game…. its just the same being launched on xbox cause pc failed… there is nothing new will be nothing new and will shut down after a year like the pc version did… just stop pretending


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