If you’re the kind of masochist who loves playing an unfinished game under crushing server load which is bound to multiply any and all issues, then we’ve got another stress test coming up for you! Round 8 Studio has a four-day stress test coming up for Bless Unleashed at the end of the month, and you can even use your existing characters … who will be mercilessly terminated when the test is complete. Now that’s stressful!

The test starts at 10:00 a.m. Pacific on Jan. 30 and runs until the same time on Feb. 3. The developers have many events planned to stress the servers to the max, including Timed Dungeon Competitions and open-world boss battles. If you log in each day of the test, you’ll get the Breaker of Games title, and if you can complete all 11 dungeons, arena challenges, and lairs, you’ll get the Dungeon Breaker title. Participating in the test will score you seven days of Valor perks, which, combined with bonuses from the open beta, can net you a total of 14 days of perks.

All that will carry over into launch, though your characters and progress will otherwise be wiped after the test. For more on the Bless Unleashed stress test happening at the end of this month, visit the game’s website.

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  1. Yeah, no thank you. I’m not falling into this trap 2nd time with Bless. Trash game and if some of you lucky people haven’t played the 1st version of it – don’t even try this one. They shut down their servers and sent the game for “polishing” and now they’re at it again with this and mobile version coming as well, what a joke! My friend and I played this on release. We’re both VR fans and got into MMO with this title and it was one of our worst experiences ever lol and trust me, we played some really bad stuff at our VR hub in Melbourne but this one doesn’t even come close.


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