Blizzard Reveals New Support Hero Lifeweaver, Overwatch 2's First Pansexual Character

Niran PruksaManee hails from Thailand and specializes in plant-based technology.

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“Leaf this to me,” says Lifeweaver, Overwatch 2’s new hero that was just revealed.

Niran "Lifeweaver" PruksaManee is the 37th character in Blizzard’s shooter. The support hero specializes in plant-based technology. He is a fugitive on the run from the Vishkar Corporation and has a close relationship with Symmetra, as they both attended the company's Architech Academy. Niran is also Thai, and the first character in the game to come from Thailand.

Another unique aspect: He is Overwatch’s first openly pansexual character. Niran's pansexuality is even reflected in the game through phrases and conversations with other heroes. He joins two other queer characters; Tracer is a lesbian and Soldier: 76 is gay.

As for Lifeweaver’s kit, his primary fire — Healing Blossom — heals characters through charged bursts, while the secondary fire — Thorn Valley — shoots streams of projectile thorns that may deal critical damage. He’s got one ability called Petal Platform that deploys a bouncy block for anyone to use and another called Rejuvenating Dash that allows Lifeweaver to quickly move horizontally (plus heal himself).

Aside from the above, there’s Life Grip. This ability pulls an ally towards Lifeweaver, along with throwing a protective bubble around them. And when he dies, he drops a “Parting Gift” that heals whoever picks it up — teammate or enemy.

Last but not least, Lifeweaver’s ultimate is Tree of Life. He places a giant tree of luminescence that blocks incoming fire from enemies while healing allies nearby.

Lifeweaver will be available to play really soon, when Season 4 begins on April 11.

Note: Activision Blizzard has had charges filed against them by the state of California for serious harassment allegations. CEO Bobby Kotick is alleged to have known about such actions within his company and in many employees' eyes failed to take adequate action. These allegations have all been denied by Activision Blizzard and the company points to additional diversity and inclusion training as past examples of taking the accusations seriously at the time they were made.

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