The long, strange, and often controversial saga of Boss Key Productions has come to an end. Today on Twitter, CEO Cliff Bleszinski stated that the developer of LawBreakers and Radical Heights “is effectively no more”:

While Bleszinski states that Radical Heights’ servers will remain online for now, nothing is said about the fate of LawBreakers. The latter title’s single-digit player counts are well-documented by now, so it would hardly be surprising to see it go away completely. But Radical Heights is still averaging around 1,000 concurrent players, so it’s still got some life. The best-case scenario would be that it’s shown enough to get picked up by another company; if that doesn’t happen, maybe an ex-Boss Key developer will find the spare time to address its many early access-induced flaws.

The statement comes just four weeks after Bleszinski chided Epic Games for “poaching” some of his employees from Boss Key. That sounded childish then, and it’s even more so now. Good luck to those former Boss Key employees, and here’s hoping they find a place as comfortable to land as Epic.


  1. Shame when the captain of your ship makes the wrong decision and sink the ship, my thoughts are for the workers and their families who won’t have a regular income now :(. Just hope the industry has many places for them to fill.

  2. I wonder how well these games would have done if CliffyB wasn’t ever attached to them. This guy has become a s*** stain on the video game industry.

  3. When developers will learn on mistakes of others? I’m glad that this clown simulator doesn’t exist anymore, hope others will not make such tra.s.h


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