After having to choke down a healthy serving of humble pie following LawBreakers’ demise, you might think Boss Key Productions CEO Cliff Bleszinski might be a little quieter regarding the company’s new — and seemingly well-received — game Radical Heights. While most of his Twitter feed has been generally mild since Radical Heights’ launch, to the point that he’s even willing to laugh along with LawBreakers’ failure, you can’t totally silence “The Real Cliffy B.” Seriously, that’s his Twitter handle.

First, the good part. One of the most basic criticisms of Radical Heights was the lack of playable female characters. On Saturday, Bleszinski teased images of female contestants, which, with their stylish jumpsuits and legwarmers, look like they came straight out of an Olivia Newton-John video — this one, specifically. If Boss Key has the models in good enough shape to show off, though, one wonders why they weren’t included in the game when it came out. Too hard to animate, maybe?

In the realm of the less good, Bleszinski also tweeted on Friday that Epic Games was apparently “trying to hire away” his staff at Boss Key, which the attached gif indicated was “not cool.”

This might be referring, in part, to Boss Key’s co-founder Arjan Brussee leaving the company in December to work for Epic, and there could have been more employees changing address since then. It’s also possible that, given his long history with Epic, Bleszinski wasn’t super-serious about the tweet.

If he was serious and actually cheesed off by Epic hiring away some of Boss Key’s people, though … oh well? I mean, if I’d been working for Boss Key the past few months, I would have absolutely been sending résumés around, trying to find new work. It was pretty clear the direction the company was going in, and while Radical Heights — which had been out for three days which Bleszinski made that tweet — might turn things around, it also might not. Leaving a company on very shaky ground to work for one that’s created one of the most popular games in history is hardly a move that should earn the ire of your former employer. Unless your former employer is an egomaniacal a-hole.



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