Bungie Is Hiring For A Creative Director On A "New 3rd-person Action Game."

Could this be one of the "new stories in the Destiny universe"?

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We know Bungie wants to create a bunch of new titles over the next several years -- though "having plans" and actually executing on those plans are two very different things. But we may have received the first tangible sign that something new is actually in the works, thanks to a job posting that was recently spotted by video game reporter Benji-Sales and posted to Twitter.

Bungie is looking for a creative director "to define the vision and features for a new 3rd-person action game." The applicant should have experience as a design lead or director on a AAA game, as well as "enthusiasm and understanding of action game genre."

There's no indication as to whether the title will be single-player or multiplayer, but given that there's no mention of the latter, I'd lean toward "single-player action game," akin to something like Tomb Raider or God of War. Maybe a single-player Destiny title? That would fit as one of the "new stories in the Destiny universe" that the developer wants to tell and might provide a unique perspective on a franchise that will probably be a decade or more old by the time this game hits the streets.

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