Remember last year when we profiled Riot’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton to produce some exorbitantly priced League of Legends-themed clothing? That product line appears to no longer be available, but if you want some high-end game-themed outerwear, you can now get some for Dauntless, for just a fraction of the price of the $2,420 League of Legends jacket!

Volante Design’s “Superhuman Streetwear” collection has fanciful duds for all sorts of geeky interests, ranging from Star Trek uniforms to Assassin’s Creed hoodies to this outfit, which I suppose could work equally well if you’re cosplaying as a medieval nobleman or modern-day vampire.

Then there’s the “Dauntless Collection” — if you can call two pieces a “collection.” It consists of a pair of coats, one men’s and one women’s, modeled after the game’s Nayzaga armor. For practical purposes, it’s described as “warm, water-resistant, and — best of all — it’s sharp looking.” It comes in three colors, Midnight Frost, Mercenary, and Night Hunter, and, unlike in a video game, we don’t advise randomly splashing some dye onto it if you want a different color or else you’ll probably ruin your $485 purchase.

That price point puts it several notches below the League of Legends gear, and maybe actually attainable for the slightly well-off (but not filthy rich) gamer. And while it’s only got four reviews, all of them are positive, though it’s a “little short” for one reviewer’s 6’3″ boyfriend. Maybe he should go back to the character creator and see if he can modify his height.


  1. Hahahaha.
    Oh gosh, the lengths they go to get into your bank account man….
    And this attempt looks particularly lame.


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