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With the advent of Closed Beta 3, players can look forward to experiencing PvP in Revelation Online. released a blog post today highlighting features that Player vs Player fans will be interested in.

Like most MMOs, Revelation Online boasts a ranked arena, death match, a high-end PvP for guilds titled Pirate Treasure (Death Island), and faction warfare. Guilds can also participate in Territory War, laying claim to control of one of 9 regions.

A unique PvP feature is the Merchant System. This system is designed for level 50 players and tied into guild related functions. Once at level, players can apply to be a merchant in major cities. They will then purchase items to be put on a cart and purchase items to transfer to another region via carts to sell. The tricky part is that during transport, other players can attack your cart along the way — meaning you’ll want to take along some friends for protection. Failing to do so will mean other players can ambush you and take your goods.

It’s an interesting system that you can read more about on the Revelation Online site.

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  1. I know the closed betas are useful for the company to help test the game but don’t devs have their own workforce test their games anymore wtf? Lazy devs just push their work on the devs because they are greedy and cheap.

    • Sorry I mean the devs just push their work on the consumers/playerbase anymore. It feels like they are just doing this instead of paying their own staff to do it. No wonder why the MMO genre sucks.


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