So, it seems that Perfect World is happy with the outcome after changing Star Trek Online‘s subscription system, because they’re now doing the same in Champions Online. For those of you who may not remember, STO’s monthly subs were replaced with a single purchase Elite Starter Pack. The same thing is happening in Champions Online.

The new packs — simply called Premium Packs — will cost players 1500 zen in the C-store and will include costume tokens, character and costume slots, inventory slots and more.

  • 2 Gold Costume Tokens for One Character on Your Account
  • Access to Several Services:
    • Adds 6 Character Slots on Your Account
    • Adds 1 Costume Slot on Your Account
    • Adds 40 Auction Slots on Your Account
    • Adds 3 Inventory Bag Slots on Your Account
    • A Resource Limit of 200,000 G
    • The Ability to Change the Colors of your Powers
      • Emanation points and pet selections on powers that support those features will also be included in this pack
    • One Free Retcon at Level 40

It also includes several costume set unlocks and travel powers, as well as two new titles: Icon and Exceptional.

As with STO’s change, anyone who subscribes before then will be able to keep their subscription as long as they continue to pay for it. And of course, Lifetime Subs won’t be changed at all.



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