Star Trek Online players who might have been on the fence about picking up a monthly subscription need not think about it any longer. The fence has been moved. As of now, monthly subs are no longer available in the game shop (although Lifetime subs still are).

Instead, PWE has decided to replace the monthly sub option with the Elite Starter Pack. This pack will run players 1500 zen in the C-Store and offers the following items:

  • One new Character Slot
  • 20 Shared Bank Slots
  • 5 Captain Retrain Tokens
  • An Increase on your Energy Credit Cap to 2 billion Energy Credits

Once players have purchased this pack, a new option will appear in the store — the Elite Starter Pack Reclaim. This item can be claimed once per character and offers three additional items:

  • 30 Inventory Slots
  • 60 Bank Slots
  • 2 Bridge Officer Slots

As for people who already have subscriptions, don’t worry. They’ll remain until you elect to cancel them and you’ll still get your bonus Zen. In fact, you can keep them and pick up the starter packs. The devs do warn that buying these items will not allow you to go over the intended amount of slots. So make sure you actually need them before buying.

On an additional note, the STO team is removing the subscriber-only restriction from the Tribble test server… for now. They do warn that they’ll re-evaluate this on future cases.


  1. The one thing I can see that benefits Cryptic is that there will be no more free zen flooding the exchange, but the real problem with zen without backing is from the lifetime memberships. Sure lifetime memberships you can argue that, that zen is paid for but only to a certain extent because at some point that zen has to lose the value that was invested. I’m honestly not sure what to take from this move except for the one fact without that zen the market will shift. You cannot tell me with the benefits that came with memberships that the membership plan didn’t sell.

  2. This is interesting thx for the heads up, I do like this game.
    I hope they have improved ship movement, Its been a while since I was last in game.


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