Another familiar face from NCSoft’s now defunct superhero MMO City of Heroes is making her way to Master X Master. The popular villain Ghost Widow is described by the developers as a “terrifying Nuker” who debuffs enemies in order to deal increased damage to them.

A rundown of her abilities in the free-to-play MOBA can be seen in the spotlight video above. Or, if you’re somewhere where you can’t watch videos right now — You’re supposed to be working, aren’t you? — you can read all about her in the latest update on the MXM site.

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  1. crispyguy on July 5, 2017

    I was excited when I saw the words City of Heroes!! But then I read the rest and pictured someone from NCsoft laughing at me…

  2. Eighty on July 3, 2017

    But she’s already in the game. Has been since the launch.

  3. Thatdudedamo on July 1, 2017

    Why not just bring CoH back and keep it? It will make money.

    • Preciel on July 2, 2017

      they are businessmen they know it wont make money so they dropped it, it wasn’t even that popular :S

  4. kalatraba on July 1, 2017

    The game is pretty fun and somewhat unique in its own way but NCSoft has a tendency to doom the games that manages. I was a recurring member of City of Heroes/Villains, I played tons of hours in Exteel and I was a huge fan of Tabula Rasa. Sadly all of those were terminated in the worst possible way. I afraid of this gameas well.

  5. Todoran on July 1, 2017

    another spit in the face of City of Heroes fans gg….