Another familiar face from NCSoft’s now defunct superhero MMO City of Heroes is making her way to Master X Master. The popular villain Ghost Widow is described by the developers as a “terrifying Nuker” who debuffs enemies in order to deal increased damage to them.

A rundown of her abilities in the free-to-play MOBA can be seen in the spotlight video above. Or, if you’re somewhere where you can’t watch videos right now — You’re supposed to be working, aren’t you? — you can read all about her in the latest update on the MXM site.

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  1. I was excited when I saw the words City of Heroes!! But then I read the rest and pictured someone from NCsoft laughing at me…

  2. The game is pretty fun and somewhat unique in its own way but NCSoft has a tendency to doom the games that manages. I was a recurring member of City of Heroes/Villains, I played tons of hours in Exteel and I was a huge fan of Tabula Rasa. Sadly all of those were terminated in the worst possible way. I afraid of this gameas well.


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