City Of Heroes Private Server Admin Seeks To Release Code, After Identifying Info Is Scrubbed


With all their melodramatic twists and turns, I’ve heard comic books referred to as “soap opera for geeks.” This week, it’s a superhero MMORPG that everybody’s talking about, and its affairs bear a resemblance to the trashiest of soap operas, with long-held secrets, astounding revelations, and death threats — but thankfully, no sex.

As we reported on earlier this week, a private City of Heroes server had been operating in secret for six years, using what appeared to be original source code leaked from a developer for the game. MassivelyOP broke the story and, early this morning, published a follow-up that included both an update on what’s happened over the past few days as well as a few interview questions with the admin/lead developer of the secret server, Leandro Pardini, who participated in a chat session on the SEGS server last night. Here’s a summary of what was discussed:

  • Leandro does plan to release the code and character database, but only after he’s had some time to scrub it clean of any information that could lead back to the former developers who provided it to him in the first place: “they have a lot more to lose than I do.”
  • He won’t be opening up the current SCORE server, due to the “angry internet mob ready to descend on it.”
  • The budget for the project has changed over time, as server costs increased, which makes the money difficult to track over six years, especially by people digging up random information on the internet. In any case, the game doesn’t have a cash shop and isn’t a for-profit enterprise.
  • Mentions of SCORE weren’t automatically filtered out on the Subreddit. “The filter was for the keyword ‘private server.'”
  • No brief summary can truly encapsulate the entire story, so I encourage our readers to go to MassivelyOP to get the full breakdown on everything that occurred, and is slated to occur. My advice, though, is to temper one’s expectations. While the new information seems promising for players who were hoping to one day return to Paragon City, NCSoft could shut it all down in the blink of any eye — or, more appropriately, with a snap of their fingers.


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