Closers players, we have good news! Starting July 3, the fatigue system will no longer exist in the NA and EU versions of the game. En Masse Entertainment attributes this decision to the feedback they’d been receiving from players.

According to the post, all that feedback made one thing clear — the fatigue system isn’t fun. Of course, removing the system will affect other areas of the game, so adjustments will be made. This includes everything from tweaks to the economy to store items. A full faq on the impact of this change on the game can be found in the formal announcement. (Of course, several of the answers come down to, “We’re monitoring this.”)

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  1. yupppy on June 24, 2018

    Closers Removing Fatigue System Due To Low Player Count.
    Fixed the title.

  2. Anon on June 22, 2018

    Oh boy remember when Nexon removed fatigue from DFO? And it got massively overrun by bots to the point you’d see messages of “Bot has reached max level, congratule them!” literally multiple times per minute, and it closed down a year after?

    I’m sure this one will be different though!

  3. balloonkid on June 22, 2018

    what is a fatigue system?

    I’m semi new to online games.

    • Rea on June 23, 2018

      It’s a system who cryples the amount of progression who you can archive, normally it’s daily reset, it’s pretty common in games like Closers.

    • Derick on June 24, 2018

      Imagine you have 160 fatigue, 1 fatigue= 1 room per dungeon, once you hit zero, you won’t be able to do anymore for the day, according to dfo, as for Closers, you used fatigue to enter some dungeons, more or less.

      So in this case, a soft-cap limiter for daily play.

  4. Derick on June 21, 2018

    Blitz vs fatigue has existed for years, at least Dfo does it right.

  5. CloserFan on June 21, 2018


    • Rea on June 21, 2018

      So what? That’s the “end game” of EVERY MMORPG, grinding for legendary items or gold, doing the same dungeons until your item with 0.5% drop rate comes on, i really don’t now what the MMO players wait today, a new story chapter every week? Thats not gonna happen, i really think that people who don’t like grinding should just leave the online stuff because at the end that’s is an inevitable feature in that kind of game.

      • Raindow on June 21, 2018

        I’m glad the fatigue system is getting removed from closers online. Now people will have the freedom help other players out or solo collect gear.

        • Deboomman on July 10, 2018

          And now I can run my 39 something boots and sell it for money much faster now!

    • Curst on June 22, 2018

      When did grind become a problem anyway? If you enjoy the process then there’s no such thing as grind, and if you don’t then there’s no reason to play.

      I wish the grind was the biggest issue with Closers for me. In my case the game was just too easy to be worth playing. It felt like I could beat levels by just rolling my face on the keyboard. I find games like this not worth my time, I might as well watch / read something instead.

      • Shanex on June 22, 2018

        I don’t think he is complaining about it, I think he is saying he will be able to do endless grinding now.

  6. Buggy on June 21, 2018

    oh boi that is good news