Abandon ship! My.com has announced that its sky-high pirate arena battler, Cloud Pirates, will be shutting down on Sept. 29.

That’s bad news for players, of course, but there are at least a few silver linings in this cloud. Until the game goes offline, all progress is 50% faster. In terms of the shop, all content will be unlockable for just one Gold, anything purchaseable with Rubies will cost just one Ruby, and all Steam DLC is free.

Furthermore, anyone who made a purchase after July’s “Burning Tide” update can have those purchases refunded. You can also convert any Rubies you have stocked up into premium currency for other My.com games, such as Skyforge, Armored Warfare, and Revelation Online.

If you are still playing, the game’s last update, “Final Frontier” — which, combined with the “All Good Things” title of the announcement shows that someone on the Cloud Pirates comm team is a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan — is now live. Enjoy it while you can, sailors.


  1. To be honest these sort of map based fly games are way too boring.
    The art work is brilliant, it needed a better theme and a better place to be in, with a more to do and more adventures.
    I’m surprised dreadnoughts is not in the same position along with few others.
    Some try and hold their chins up for too long when they should just let go.
    This decision was a very bold brave & done fast & right.
    This way of rollin’ is the way of whats happening.

    I believe the mobile game industry is to blame with all the rubbish games bombing the market today, mob players now jump far to often onto the next because its far to a mass of rubbish games & bad development practices which therefore in turn causes a down turn in what gaming really is. Truthfully should be left for the home.
    Whereas years ago most of the rubbish games were situated on FB *the evil hoarder of your data* now its full blown mobile game development for the boring unsocial heads down commuters staring at tiny screen as they fear looking at the person beside them.
    The PC is the best medium for games as it is what it means personal computer home system for gaming and data mashing..lol

  2. I won’t be surprised if all the other WoWS imitations will soon follow suit. Online games market is oversaturated with clones, it’s not enough to just imitate something that works anymore. Unless you’re Blizzard that is…


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