It hasn’t been that long since announced the new Skyforge Battle Royale, but considering the company plans to release it by the end of the month, it only makes sense they’d be offering players more information on how it will work. After all, the end of the month is now less than five days away.

Since the announcement, the dev team has dropped two posts detailing everything from why they’re even bothering with the new mode to gameplay on the map. The most recent post covers that last bit.

As mentioned in the announcement, the new mode will be available to both experienced Skyforge players and those who have never touched the game before. In addition to the traditional BR mechanics, it will also offer things like day/night cycles that will affect how players go about their business. It will also feature PvE elements and seemingly, item acquisition will not be as easy as just grabbing whatever you see. Some items will actually drop off monsters players will find on the map.

Players will have 12 heroes to choose from at the game’s start — each featuring their own abilities and tactics. Of course, playstyle will adjust some based on the weapons and gadgets players manage to pick up along the way. In both posts, the devs highlight the Heavy Blaster plasma weapon as an example of what players can expect to use in game.

Skyforge’s map is made up of two primary areas, a tropical island, and a giant temple complex. This design results in a map with plenty of places to hide and sneak up on people. To help players figure out where they’re at with more ease, the devs decided to go with a third person point of view.

As for the night/day cycle mentioned above, night is Skyforge BR’s version of the fog/shrinking map. Once night hits, everything starts to fall apart and the safe area begins to shrink. Players can survive in the “dangerous zone,” but it will require medicaments in order to do so. Or, they can track down maintenance stations where they can repair armor and restore health — if they want to risk running into others.

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  1. It’s live now. I’m gonna try it this evening, but I already like the characters. I guess Selena will be my favourite 🙂


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