As one set of stay-at-home bonuses ends, another begins. Booming Games and My.Games gave players the chance to be “Housebound Heroes” a few weeks ago, with bonus daily bonuses for logging into Conqueror’s Blade every day.

Those expired last weekend, but to help make up for their loss, and to further convince people to sit at their computers all day — not that some of us need convincing — you can now get +50% Hero XP, Unit XP, and bronze coins from battles for a week, until April 16. These bonuses stack with premium bonuses, which you could have if you redeemed the free 30 days of premium time that was offered last month.

There are also a pair of new items being added to the shop to celebrate the Easter season. The first is the Promise of Spring Banner, one copy of which can be claimed for free until April 21, with additional copies costing 150 Sovereigns. The other is the impractical-in-battle Easter Bunny Helm, who goes for 980 Sovereigns. Learn about both of these items here, and then go out and crack some skulls like they were eggs.


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