If you can’t be convinced to stay at home these days for the betterment of humanity, maybe some bribes will work. My.Games is taking that tack, offering daily bonuses in all of the games under its publishing banner as is implores players to become “Housebound Heroes.”

In Warface, you can log in every day until April 1 to receive free permanent items, including guns and fancy skins for them, as well as Arctic Squad skins. You’ll also receive 20% more XP in battles until the end of the month. Details can be found here for PC and here for console players.

In Skyforge, you’ll get 25% more Credits and Knowledge of Enemies until April 2, and you can also snag 30 free days of Premium time from the market (details here).

Starting tomorrow, March 24, Armored Warfare players can take advantage of bonus XP and Credits, as well as picking up a Stay Safe Gift that includes 14 days of Premium time, three temporary vehicles, and five 12-hour boost tokens (details here).

Navigate your way to the Revelation Online shop to pick up the free Housebound Heroes Care Package, which includes 1400 Aurum and 30 days’ worth of Premium Service, Explorer Boost, Battle Boost, and Cultivation Boost.

In addition to the free Premium time we talked about last week, Conqueror’s Blade is offering 15 days’ worth of daily login gifts for all players (details here).

You can also hit up the My.Games web site to register yourself as a Play At Home Hero, which doesn’t grant any bonuses, but will maybe make you feel a little better about yourself. Playing video games has never been quite so morally fulfilling.


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