Gamania Digital Entertainment announced Core Blaze: The VIP Experience – a private press demo day taking place on Thursday, June 7th, to showcase their open-world action MMO game for the first time ever on US soil. In Core Blaze, players define their roles and skillset by equipping weapons, interacting with, and adapting to a dynamic in-game environment.

A new gameplay demo was created exclusively for the VIP Experience and will give lucky previewers hands-on access to never-before-seen content, like intense multiplayer co-op and battle modes, and new instances with new missions and bosses across every corner of the game’s vast, vivid world. Following its world premiere at the 2011 Gamania Game Show in Taiwan, Core Blaze received an unexpected amount of positive feedback from US and European press. Taking heed, Gamania promptly expanded their original gameplan and began localization for an English-language version of Core Blaze.

Core Blaze is a new action MMO game currently in development by Gamania Digital Entertainment. In Core Blaze, there is no set class system, so the weapon a player wields determines their skillset and role in battle. Slated for official launch in 2013, Core Blaze utilizes Unreal Engine 3 to create a beautifull vivid world for players to interact with. Find more about Core Blaze at:


  1. Vindictus in Europe have s tupid gestion of german GM, early closed GM look only to advantage german people and ban all other person who have beeter equip……..GM of Vindictus Europa is ridiculous……C9 have a scandalous graphic and is not funny……Core Blaze only see the trailer is very better of this two game and i hope to cam early but the final game who i wait is Black Desert the new generation of mmo……….sbav………

  2. this game is extremely amazing but why is its too long for them to release this game ??..ive seen so many trailer long long time ago but its always a trailer .. wew… many years to wait guyz .. but not regret it when the time come they release this game because in my opinion you gonna love this game . i swear :)) .. see yah soon on the game guyz ! !

    itS mOre FUN in tHe PhiLippines 😀

  3. you guys are overlooking the OPEN WORLD part of this game… both C9 and Vindictus are MORPG action games… they are not open world they are mission based. you entered queued missions with a few other players which can slow down or even stop you if they have a poor connection and you have to rely on the fact that some of the missions require a certain number to even start. Being an OPEN WORLD game is like saying making the WoW game where its action UI like taking the characters from Vindictus and putting them into WoW where you use your mouse and skills to play. I think it will do just fine because there has NEVER been an open world action game yet. Tera came close but you still rely on a action bar full of spells you only get to link 2 to your mouse.

    • wow, you sure are one fan of an open world, now go out there and tell those crappy developers that they’re making games wrong! hell yeah! but seriously, i’ve been playing dragon nest for some time now as well as c9 and vindictus, these games are meant to be dungeon based, they are better off that way, but let’s imagine that they have an open world system, we have one huge area with all the flashy skills getting load on the server, and bosses that like 30-50 people need to kill but there would be only one boss per quests theme so everyone has to wait for their turn, without mentioning people that need this boss just for the loot, and how should you get the needed experience? grinding mobs and quests ofcourse, especially when the experience you get isn’t affected by the amount of skill you’ve put into killing those mobs, since we dont have dungeons and combo/style rating system. Now that’s fun, it’s just the same boring WoW but with more mouse clicking! I LIKE THAT!!!

  4. I love the fact that the player is not chained down by classes to many mmos have the same old thing some thing gives a bit more customization to your play style is a plus for me

  5. monster hunter doesn’t have any classes either but it’s doing great and it is a fun game, of course eu frontier release would be much better but eh, vindictus banned my country’s ips as well as raiderz and c9 is the only thing to play ( in future) we could always use some variety

    • I love Monster Hunter. Been playing since ’06 and I’m never bored of it. Reason for getting a PSP, Vita (for future reference) was for Monster Hunter alone. I hope Core Blaze allows for the use of all the weapons without any limit. Like with Monster Hunter I’m always switching weapons, I find them all enjoyable.

      I’m crossing my fingers for Core Blaze to not limit you on maybe just a couple weapons, like if there are maximum skill points you can place on just weapons, not allowing you to use every weapon-type (that is if there are skill points). I’m just hoping that the experience is more like Monster Hunter than anything else but I can see myself enjoying this game.

  6. What is the matter with these people.Just because it has no set class system your calling it a fail? Pfft, if you want a set class go back and play wow or something, i for one am looking forward to this game. Everytime a nice looking game comes out, it has to be copying a previous game right? Amateurs

      • Ohh i so MUCH LOBE comments like this !! ..)

        What’s wrong with you peaople . Idiots and ect ..)

        I just can say same ! )

        What’s wrong with you , why do you attach such great importance to this , we all have our Opinion and i cant understand you ,, If you have something on your mind , your opinion , share it and dont looke to others .. Just say why you think this game will be NICE or WHY We are idiots , or what’s wrong with Us … If you can only Blah-Blah-Blah and discuss the comments, you are no better, but worse than those people who complain about game or have some Opinion and they share with us their opinion , without quibbles to others .

        Sorry for commenting your Comment . I hope you understand me and no offense .. We are all here for discuss the game .

        Sorry if i was rude .


        Sorry for my english , but i am trying ))) .

        • Ohh i so MUCH LOBE comments like this !! ..) – i so much LOVE *

          “What’s wrong with you peaople . Idiots and ect” ..) – people

          Oops !!! )

          Sorry again for Bad Englsih (((( shame shame

    • No classes?? The best
      -You can use any weapon u want.. U can develop your own battle style./.no weakness.. No restrictions…oh and the best??? YOU CAN BE ANY THING YOU WANT…

    • Could you please explain to me how they are copying Vindictus’ graphic style? And how can anyone really be original with graphic styles when there are already cell-shaded (Firefall), Cartoony (WoW), anime (Dragon Nest), and more realistic (Vindictus, C9, etc.) graphics. Most games coming out nowadays are running off the Unreal 3 engine, meaning they will look similar.

      Who really cares what the graphics look like? If it looks nice, plays nice, and is interesting enough to keep playing, then everyone should be happy.

      Originality is dead when it comes to graphics. It’s all about playability.

  7. No class system , choose your weapon , and Launch only in 2013 …. I think already Fail , coz dunno its look like Go ta dungeon kill with your friends 3-4 SUPERBIG Mobs and that all … C9 or Vindictus will be better than this game ..

    I think a Epic Fail for all Publishers (Localization) this – TIME , its takes too long for Localization the games … Just look , if we wanna play this one we need wait almost 1 year.. And how long ago we already saw Trailers . Gameplay and ect … Bad Move . We already saw so many game footages , and trailer about Localization and they still want show for us MORE Trailer .. This really annoying sometimes … Dunno why , but i think this game will be BORING as Hell ) .

    This all my Opinion so no need “Hate” me for this ))) , if i even don’t know about game anything , i saw only Trailer like you guys .


    Sorry for my English ) . Have a nice day Guys and Girls ))))

    • 1. core blaze = open world, always better than room/instance-based
      2. c9 is over 5 yrs old, because of the publishing, dont QQ about 1yr
      3. too many game footage? u kidding me?

      ur not stating opinions ur putting facts on the table that are not true so get ur shit straight before ur attempting nerd-mode


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