The sixth faction for Crossout, Dawn’s Children, has arrived in update 0.8.0, and they aren’t your typical scavenge-the-wasteland-for-whatever-random-bits-of-metal-you-can-attach-to-your-car types. No, they’re scientists. So the random bits they attach to your car are more than just additional chunks of armor or slug-throwers.

Dawn’s Children are accessible for players who have reached reputation level 10 with the Nomads. Once you’ve done that, you can take advantage of the new faction’s tesla cannons, plasma emitters, combat lasers, all-metal lunar-surface wheels, and hover technology to boost your post-apocalyptic death machines to the stars. Science!

This update for Crossout also includes a new PvE Raid, Chase, which tasks players with intercepting a valuable piece of cargo while dodging raiders who also have their eyes on the prize. Finally, there’s a new map, Cursed Mines, available in Chase and Escort modes.

You can check out all the patch notes for update 0.8.0 on the Crossout site.


  1. Next space travel, lol
    I mean what other choices do games dev have these days to captivate or hold an audience?
    They just seem to be losing the plot on what their first idea was supposed to be.
    This sort of pattern seems to be happening a lot in gaming & can possibly only lead to disaster of OVERKILL.
    It is the very reasons why they should keep to their original plan & idea and not lose it.


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